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Graphic notation
The technique of performing a musical work with graphic scores allows the viewer to feel the connection of sound and visual composition. This way of execution allows you to focus on the subtle changes in texture of the sound field, opens up wide capabilities for interpretation.
Lines trigger strings (guitar, viola and viola da gamba); Dimensional figures, filling noise correspond with electronic sounds. Spheres are bound to percussion. Musicians play the middle range between vertical lines.
The closer to the centre, the louder they play.

Performed by the Ensemble KYMATIC in Moscow, 2016.
A panoramic image is projected onto a grid stretched between columns in the U shape. Musicians are situated in the space between the columns, in the center of the installation. Spectators are freely located around the structure, watching the musicians through the projection grid.

During the concert were also performed:
Cornelius Cardew — «Treatise»
Candas Sisman — «SYN-Phon»

Special thanks to the staff of MARS gallery, especially to Alexander Korneev and Andrey Morozov,
musicians of the KYMATIC ensemble
and Stepan Polivanov
Graphic notation
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Daniil Sukhovskoy