Workscape Compilation Video

Workscape offers human resource management solutions to a wide range of corporations. Their sales and marketing department was looking to shoot client testimonial videos that would be used by their sales-people in the field and at trade shows.

After Workscape shared the videos at a first round of tradeshows, their marketing department decided to take the look of the videos in a different direction. They felt the videos should incorporate the core elements of Workscape’s branding into the kind of sleek 3D motion graphics that can be found in broadcast news bumpers.

We introduced the idea of floating video panels as a framing device that would integrate the existing interview footage into a new 3-dimensional space. These virtual screens were designed to swing into position to reveal supporting text, as needed. The original title animation was retained at the outset, integrating this new look into Workscape’s main branding identity. The viewer is then immediately transported into this exciting new space by flying the camera p.o.v. past the planes of translucent waves and video screens.

Produced at Pulse Media
Project Producer: Evan O'Sullivan
Post-Production Art Direction: Kat Sicard
Motion Graphics: Kat Sicard

Original Video Design
Our initial video treatment included lower third IDs & animated title screens.

Redesign Pitch Storyboards
Several examples of how the existing video could be re-framed to exist in a 3D environment.

Final Video
The opening animation transitions the viewer into the 3-dimensional video space. The fluid, water-like feel of the main video background was a nod to the waves from Workscape’s existing brand identity. A plane of constantly moving data expands behind the main video-panel—adding depth & creating an envireonment for support text. This framing allows for additional visual emphasis on the endorsement: the testimonial speaker’s ID text & company logo now appear alongside Workscape’s logo throughout the video.