The Good Bookie Web Site Concept- Featured in .NET Mag
The Good Bookie
Sports Betting Site featured in .NET Magazine

Betting online really isn't that exciting today, is it? Betting should be about heart racing, fist pumping, screaming excitement. The goal of this concept is to get a user as excited to place a bet as they are to watch
a game live- and then to want to bet again. A secondary goal is to cater to hundreds of millions of non-betters and to convert them into next-gen betters.

During my research, I noticed that every betting site functions very linearly. While this might have been okay 5 years ago, it is far from okay now. Information is power and in this day and age information is expected.
Betting sites are only worth their salt if they can help a user make intelligent picks while giving them dynamic live data to back up their wagers. That is why this concept focuses highly on data and not just lists.

I started from the ground up, with the brand. The first and most important thing would be for the user to feel safe enough to place "big boy" bets. If we can get the business to feel legitimate, we will have our first hook set in.
"The Good Bookie" is the witty and exciting friend that the user can also feel very safe with.

Aesthetically, the colors were selected to focus the user's attention to key interactions on the page. The spacing allows for plenty of breathing room and all the content is highly scannable (which is essential for a site like this.)
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