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Exploring & Experimenting with Gurmukhi script

Nowadays Gurmukhi is not only used to write religious texts. It is being used in various Religious, Historical and Cultural contexts, in different mediums of communication (print or web). Even though Gurumukhi script have gone through tremendous development, from its handwritten style to contemporary digital typefaces. But still there is a great need and a vast scope to explore various expressions in Gurmukhi script.
Our preference to use other (for global communication) scripts to communicate in Punjabi language are more, than to its own assigned script. But the reverse situation would possibly make the communication more effective and dominating. Or we are just ignoring the need of understanding the use of scripts for their own languages. By putting beside the reasons of neglecting the Gurmukhi script to communicate in Punjabi language. As a graphic designer (not as a linguistic researcher) I thought of doing this project with an intention to promote the use of Gurumukhi script. 

As an end deliverable, I designed three posters as a format to represent the functionality of the fonts design explorations done in this project. Designing the posters needed the conceptulization on their look, feel and placement of the text.

The first stage of this project was selecting the Punjabi quotes. I chose three famous Punjabi quotes reflecting the different attributes of Punjab for the scope of this project.

Poster 1. ” Punjabiyat”
It means; “live a day or two, live life with exuberance”.
Punjabis are always filled with an attitude of living every second of their life to the fullest. Inspiration to explore the font style was their king-like way of living and how they celebrate every moment of their lives.

Poster 3. “Bravery”

"Only he is brave who fights for the cause of poor. He may be cut into pieces and may be killed, but he should not leave the battle field."
Poster 2. “Love “
These lines are taken from the Warish shah’s famous kalam on Heer- Ranjha love story. It says;
“All lovers claim more passion than anyone else,
Friends, such affairs are most perilous.
Heer’s love is nothing new;
the whole creation knew love before her.”
                 Documentation of project