Aquiesse is a luxury home fragrance and lifestyle brandbased in California. Their focus is creating beautiful and quality crafted products inspired by natureand the effortless, breezy chic coastal lifestyle. Beyond just creating products or following trends,
the Aquiesse brand looks to create inspiring artisanal products thatare environmentally responsible and reflect a soulful
and joyful way of living your life. The brand is looking to expand into beauty, home decor and other ventures
that align with it’s core values.

We were called upon to redesign the brand's logo and identity. Our opportunities were: 

- Communicate a sense of heritage and history that can be expanded upon to create a true sense of provenance and start building a unique brand DNA
- Create a proprietary font for the wordmark “Aquiesse”
- Highlight the themes “California”, “ocean” & “nature”
- Communicate an upscale brand aesthetic but maintain a warm, approachable feeling
- Balance artisanal, hand-crafted visual cues with contemporary clean lines
- Feel fresh and hip yet timeless and classic
- Not only looks but is truly authentic and honest from the inside out
- Bolster the brand credibility and exude confidence of a global brand

The final brand mark we created was timeless, elegant and modern and utilized three pillars as the driving concept, the idea of the California coastline (expressed through a sand dollar inspired silhouette), leaf (a nod to the brand's commitment to the environment) and a droplet in the negative space of the "A" (the very essence of fragrances and scents). With this as our driving inspiration, we extended these concepts and themes throughout the activation of the brand from packaging and promotional materials, to product and interior design.

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