Nature by design

Tank is a project born from the love of wildlife illustrations and scuba diving. This project aims to offer a variety of collections inspired by the imagery of nature, art and design. These collections will be reproduced in hand screen printed cotton shirts, posters, books, guides ,etc. with original and uniquely designed graphics.

The very first T-Shirt collection brings you illustrations of some marine fishes of the Azores.
This is a limited edition collection, and different fish species will be presented periodically.

The Red Scorpionfish is solitary and nocturnal. It has venomous spines, and uses them if disturbed.
        Is coloured in red and pink.
The White Trevally, also known as jack, lives in the warm waters of the Atlantic and is usually seen in groups. It's a greenish coloured fish with silvery and metallic overtones.
The Dusky Grouper is an iconic fish from the Azores. A solitary fish, it usually lives alone in rocks.
It's a very large fish and brown coloured with yellow spots.
The Atlantic Damselfish is found on rocky bottoms of the Azores and Madeira islands.
It's small, lively and brilliantly coloured in shades of yellow and violet.