Landing Page Redesign
Targeting customers who have previously shown an interest in the product
Project Brief
EF Englishtown need a new landing page design for their European market. Their current offer is ‘One Month for 1EURO’. The purpose of this landing Page is to target consumers who have previously shown an interest in the EF Englishtown product, but have not committed to subscribing.

The target audience is 25 to 40, graduates who want to learn English for personal or professional reasons.
It is important that we communicate to all customer types that we are an innovative company, always looking to provide the best and up-to-date material and functionality to our students, and continuously improving it for them.

Background - What we know already...
Goal / Objective - Why are we doing this
Ideas - Information Gathering / Interview
Ideas - Concept building
 The Big Picture
Concept 1:
VisualisationTreatment 1

The above visual treatment, concept and approach describe one possible way forward to increasing subscription through establishing trust and providing a valuable overview of the offer to the target audience. Ideally, I would like to talk to the sales staff from other areas of the business where adoption is high, and find out what works for the 25-40's/educated/professionals then test these concepts with that audience.