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    Bar Coyote Ugly Yekaterinburg
Yekaterinburg, Russia
Project: bar Coyote Ugly
Location: Malysheva str. 51, Yekaterinburg, Russia
Realization: December 2010 - Apri 2012

We completed ournext in line large project with the ‘Coyote Ugly’ bar - the fourth now inRussia - opening its doors in May 2012. We completed the ‘Coyote’ of Uralwithin a record-breaking timeline - a little over three months.

The Uralian ‘Coyote Ugly’is the third bar of the chain that we were happy to create the interior designfor. The client who requested the project was the one and the same company thathad obtained the right to open the chain of “Coyote Ugly” in Russia and in theso-called post Soviet territory. Just as in the previous projects in St.Petersburg and Kazan we had quite a big area to work with – about 600 squaremeters.
All the bars of the chainhave characteristic features in common. All of them are rather spacious goingfrom around an area of 300 to 700 m 2. This is justified because aconsiderable crowd desiring non-glamour relaxation gathers here every day.While at weekends there’s such a crush there’s no room to swing a cat.
One more detail is that itis impossible to imagine any ‘ugly’ bar without its huge bar counter comprisingof just one-piece of wood where you can dance with no fear of breaking it. Wewill reveal you a secret – this is the most expensive part of the interior. Thecounter is custom made according to a very specific design and costs more than1,500,000 Russian roubles. It is a place where upon to dance for thefemale customers and for the coyote girls this being why it has to be sostrong to withstand such a load.
Finally, bright and shiningwith tens of accent lamps – an enormous red sign ‘COYOTE UGLY’ behind the barcounter. These are about all the features that the bars of the chain have incommon, apart from the crazy fun atmosphere that is, led by the famous coyotegirls. But apart from this each bar has its own distinct individuality.

Above all -individuality

In spite of the fact that‘Coyote Ugly’ is a chain with the positioning of the bars in different citiesour customers did not wish to make stereotype interiors. Any ‘Coyote’ youwould visit is distinguishable one from the other. But of course the American spirit will always be present in a bar of this chain, though therewill always be a journey into a different epoch – from the saloons of the WildWest to the period of ‘pin-ups’.
By the way, the ‘pin-up’style gave us the inspiration for the creation of the interiors of ‘CoyoteUgly’ in Yekaterinburg. The bar is divided into the two standard areas – themain saloon and the chill out lounges. The walls of the main saloon aredecorated with the retro advertising posters of the 50’ a la Coca-Cola insteadof the customary graffiti. The walls trimmed with wood in a light palette makethe space look cozy. All the furniture in ‘Coyote’ in Yekaterinburg wasdelivered from St. Petersburg; it was custom made in accordance with ourdrawings. At the entrance the customers see a gasoline pump as well as a chromechopper parked there. The bar is full of neon signs, the walls are decoratedwith posters and American car number plates, the bar counter is peppered withsigns overhead warning you that you dance there at your own risk.
The ‘Chill Out’ area, asit’s supposed to be, is characterized by the deep red and maroon palette. Here you can drink andquietly chat away, removed just a little as it were, from the main whoopeecrowd.