Refreshment Visual Identity
Change is as good as a holiday! With that in mind, the Blue Juice team has compiled a refreshed take on client
division called Refreshment. We bring to life the Spirit of Refreshment in a fun, emotive and dynamic manner.

Our take on Refreshment aims to add a burst of energy to the brand! Life is too short to just be a part of the crowd. This refreshed identity means to surprise, delight and deliver pure happiness in exactly the same way that the Refreshment brands do to consumers.

Photography plays an important part in creating a positive energy around the Refreshment brand.  We’ve taken an out-of-the-box approach! Here, photography is not just used to portray people, but used as bold dynamic visual design elements.

Dynamic backgrounds, bright colours, and joyful people, all captured in a crisp modern style aim to surprise, capture attention, and really drive home Refreshment’s core values!

Refreshment Visual Identity