Prague, Czech Republic.
Urban and Interiors.

Me, i would say make it a single and unique thing: My life, my style, my art, my work, my hobbys, my love... they are all connected and they are one and the same thing.

So, this is a part of a work in progress that i would like to share with you here and now... i hope you will enjoy them like i did enjoy making them.

Cathedral of Dresden, Germany.
Rusted factory, Montreal.
Millennium Hotel. Chengdu, China.
Kuaoshiung, Taiwan.
rooftops of Paris.
Spa Resort, Anantara.  Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China.
Interiors in China. for a real estate agency. Chengdu, China.
buildings are growing faster and faster in China...  until when ?
Malaysia, KL.
Malaysia, KL.
Malaysia, KL.
Malaysia, Penang Island, Georgetown.
Malaysia, KL.
Malaysia, KL.
all the following images are 2D previews for an Hotel in construction in Jinghong, Yunnan, China.
this is a study for texture tek wood and marble.