Dominican Gastronomic Heritage 2011
This is a campaign we made while working at Pages BBDO for a dominican client called Rica.

"Herencia Gastronómica Dominicana - Pueblos" was a project that collected old family recipes from all over dominican territory into one book. The brand would go from town to town collecting recipes // that used evaporated milk // , and then it would select the best ones to be featured in this book and a grand prize winner of a million dominican pesos.

The client needed a campaign letting people know about the winning prize, the main dates and towns that would be visited by the team to collect the recipes. For the campaign we wanted to express all the colors and pictorial richness of dominican country life; typical dominican houses, the people, and last but not least: tradition. We developed a campaign inspired by dominican traditional paintings, so we could connect immediately with the dominican market. These are some examples of traditional dominican painings:

And this is how our campaign looked like: