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California Museum of Contemporary Art is a museum, cultural center, and educational institution that offers a vast collection of modern works. Located in Long Beach, CAL MoCA's galleries and exhibitions provide its visitors with an experience that fosters creativity and makes the art of our times accessible and meaningful.

The CAL MoCA identity is built around a sturdy sans-serif wordmark which incorporates the RYB color model used for painting. The colored divisions of the letters give the state abbreviation a recognizable feature that is as playful as it is pertinent, while also providing the general backbone for the museum's branding. Several elements are produced in sets of three in correlation to those colors; the business cards and admission tickets are examples of that. Additionally, a brushstroke texture is used on those pieces and others to prevent the logo from falling flat alongside such intricate art around the museum. The project also includes a tri-color membership card, a souvenir mug and umbrella, a guidebook featuring the museum exterior, and a series of brochures incorporating displayed paintings. A bus stop advertisement was made for an upcoming exhibit as well.

All images used according to Flickr’s Creative Commons licensing.