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What is string theory and what do rings of Saturn sing about? Listening to space is easier than it seems.
Astounding progress of space exploration and ever developing theories about cosmos are very fascinating but also quite hard to understand! Mankind is getting more intimate with distant astronomical bodies, and its progress in cosmology and evolution of the Universe is intriguing to both scientists and laymen. The latter, however, find it quite hard to grasp the essence of such complex scientific theories. Everybody has heard about string theory, but not everyone understands it: the deeper you dig, the more obscure it gets.
But the more obscure, the better! Chaif, a rock band from Ekaterinburg, has released their new album called String Theory. And our team at StreetArt agency has created a cosmic gramophone for its LP cover.
“There is this thing that distorts spacetime, it’s called a wormhole. We thought it would be cool if we used space-related visuals to create a record player. There are rings of Saturn that resemble a vinyl record, and there is an amplifying horn in a shape of a wormhole. Put them together and you can listen to space!
Obviously, there isn’t a shred of plausibility or relation to anything scientific in this concept. The concept is just awesome and bold, and it brings the unknown space closer to us, albeit in audio form”, says Andrey Kolokolov, Street Art’s art director.
The front of the cover features a simple 3D illusion of a wormhole, and the record itself features a planetary ring system. There is a diagram on the backside of the album that demonstrates how one can listen to space while only possessing a vinyl record and a record player.
Creative team: Andrey Kolokolov, Taisia Spirina, Polina Kozinskaya, Nikita Kolmogorov, Max Parfenov, Anna Sitnikova.
Photographer: Maxim Loskutov.
Photographer’s assistant: Daria Melnikova.