Doctor Harvey. Invisible Orthodontic Clinics
Client: Doctor Harvey.
Year: 2017

Doctor Harvey. Invisible Orthodontic Clinics

We were asked to create the name for a chain of dental clinics that specialized in invisible orthodontics. They already show an interior design with clear references to the American industrial aesthetics, and their leitmotif is to create beautiful smiles.

Invisible orthodontics is a non-invasive method for teeth straightening.

We tried to stay away from the usual naming in the sector - eg using the -dent suffix, so common in franchises - since these clinics focus on a premium target, specifically the millenials. That is why a different clinic requires a different name.

We worked on the concept of smile, and from there we came to the smiley.

The smiley, that famous face made of a smile with two dots for eyes on a yellow circle, was created in 1963 by American designer Harvey Ball.

Based on this concept we created Doctor Harvey, a compound that consists of Doctor, a reference to the sector of the company (dental clinics) and Harvey, a nod to the world famous icon and the results of the services they provide.

A name with a solid concept, good sound, and eye-catching look, that kindly approaches their potential customers with a smile.

For Doctor Harvey we created an outright brand in black and white with a touch of color. A brand with serif typeface, stylish and lively, ready to represent this new character, with a nod to the smiley, a yellow dot that adds freshness.

Besides, we proposed the tagline "have a smiley day", in reference to "have a nice day", the phrase that originally went with the smiley.

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Doctor Harvey. Invisible Orthodontic Clinics