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    Health and Fitness Exercises for Men to boost Testosterone Levels
  Top 7 Exercises to boost Your Testosterone Levels
We all know Testosterone is an important hormone that boost the efficiency when you workout and build muscles. If you have lack of this hormone you will not only perform poor but also fail to build muscles as well. Many studies shown in recent past people who took testosterone booster alternatives suffer several health problems such as:

Acne, Insomnia, weak eye sight, cataract, glaucoma, unnecessary growth in body hair, weak muscles, puffy face, diabetes, High blood pressure, unnecessary weight gain, sudden change in the mood etc.

If you want to increase or boost your testosterone level naturally, include these Top 7 exercises in your workout plan. These exercises not only make you physically fit and boost your Testosterone level but it will also boost self-esteem in the society. You will feel more positive energy in you. Before coming to any exercises I want to take out some basic facts about your health. Are you eating enough fat, taking a sound 8 hours sleep, consuming enough zinc and vitamin D which is required at the beginning of exercise routine to boost testosterone level.  If not you must check them first yourself then go along with these exercises with shorten rest periods (10 to 20 seconds preferably).
Here are the Top 7 exercises to boost your testosterone level naturally:

Jumping Squats
Barbell Bench Press

Jumping Squats:

Jumping squats is at the first place in our list because it’s a high-intensity plyometric exercise. It really helps in boosting testosterone level and build endurance and strength. It is an excellent exercise for bodybuilding lovers to improve their posture and thighs muscles but it should be performed under a trained coach or expert to prevent injury. In jumping squats take off position and landing position must be correct to get rid of injuries. We advise you to start off with basic version to move on to advance level.


The deadlift is another popular exercise for strength, endurance, muscle building and off course to boost testosterone level. It’s not easy to perform although there are chances to serious injury but if you do it in a right way end result will amaze you in increase number of testosterone level.

Lunges shape legs, tones glutes and increase strength and flexibility of your core muscles also help in fat burning process.  In order to increase testosterone level, one should add lunges exercise in his workout schedule. Lunges are of two types:
Lunges with Barbell or Kettlebell
Lunges without Barbell


Burpee start from standing position includes a pushup and squats position as well. It is full body complete exercise focus on strength training. It makes your arms, glutes, chest, legs, thighs, abs and hamstrings powerful with every repetition therefore it helps to boost testosterone level easily. There are several variations in Burpee exercises. You can choose any of them.

Barbell Bench Press:

Basically Barbell bench press is focus on chest muscles and help to build a positive personality. It is combo of Incline Barbell bench press and Decline Barbell bench press. It helps to maintain testosterone level in body but it should be done in the right manner. Doing it in wrong manner could cause negative impact on your figure as well.


Pullups helps to increase upper body muscles give strength, endurance to your overall body as well. It should be done with different variation like close grip pullups, wide grip pullups etc. Don’t the numbers if this make you stronger forever if possible you should perform 3 sets of pullups with 10 reps with 10 to 15 seconds rest in between the sets.


Pushups are one of most popular bodyweight exercise to build massive chest and arm muscles. It can be done anywhere without any equipment. If you perform combo of bodyweight exercises like Pushups, Pullups, Lunges and Jumping squats, Burpees etc. will definitely help you gain your testosterone level soon. Alternatively to boost your testosterone level you can buy testosterone booster online available in the market or a supplement store near you. These are special supplements that help bodybuilders to increase testosterone level through the medication. So what are you waiting for just start it from today itself and see a different you in next couple of months.