Wheelwell iOS App - UI/UX including Visual Recognition
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    Designing the Wheelwell mobile iOS app with augmented reality (AR) user workflow

When I first begin designing the Wheelwell iOS app, I knew that at some point, I will need to start curating all of the high-fidelity mockups and try to piece it together into a cohesive project story.  The entire project was one of the biggest learning experience of my career, especially since I was the only one doing everything from wireframes to marketing stills.  The trickiest part was, how much should I show? While most artwork pieces that exists on designers' portfolios are very one dimensional, it simply has to convey a message in a beautiful, visual manner — it cuts out all the nitty-gritty parts of actually building an app.  However, when building the actual app, design and aesthetic in general, are secondary to function at times, and fulfilling product requirements becomes the most important goal when you're shipping an app at neck-breaking speeds.  Unlike previous mobile projects, this wasn't a linear app where you go from point A to point B and you're done.  The entire project was like building a map where every path must connect to the main road, and enabling users to easily navigate between the different major functions was the key to good user-experience.   

Update January 2018: In the process of redesigning/and launching V2, current app version is still live on the App Store but no longer supported.

From conception to live at the App Store (Version 1), the length of the project took exactly 9 weeks.   The most unique challenge of this project however, was to also incorporate our latest technology of utilizing augmented reality (AR) to detect and identify vehicles, making that experience not only accessible, but also essential as to the core purpose of why the user would utilize the Wheelwell mobile app. 
It's no surprised that AR/VR trend has become one of the frontiers of the tech world.  In our latest iteration of the app, we were able to create a vehicle recognition engine to detect and identify virtually any vehicle as part of the app's standout feature. By snapping a photo of a vehicle, the Wheelwell app can tell you the exact year, make, and model.  The best part is you can also find similar vehicles in our community and see any available modifications on the vehicle.   Whether it's taken while going 80mph on the freeway, or some obscure shot from a picture of a picture, we've tested enough of the app to know that it works 90% of the time. 
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