"Corrida contra o tempo" ("Race against time", in english) is a feature about the Brazilian pension reform. Apart from the texts (by Ana Estela de Sousa Pinto, Fernanda Perrin, Laís Alegretti, Mariana Carneiro e Tássia Kastner), it has a rich graphical representation of many numbers by Simon Ducroquet and illustrations by Fido Nesti.

My role was to develop a pension calculator with Ana Estela de Sousa Pinto. We settled on the best way to collaborate between a journalist and a programmer.

The result is an apparently simple calculator, with a few questions to answer. The information then is parsed through several lines of code, resulting in three numbers: how many years are left until the user reaches the minimal pension age, how many year are left until the user reacher the minimal amount of contribution time and the minimal benefit value according to the proposed formula.

You can see the entire feature clicking below.