Office Mural Art
November 2016

The client (Engineers Without Boarders) was looking for an a mural art for their entrance-facing wall. The brief asked for the artwork to be abstract and suggest an African theme/base, as majority of association’s work is carried out there. A sense of evolution bringing hope and change is the key motif for Engineers Without Borders. The request was for a contemporary mural with a passion which was not to be expressed in bold colours risking over-powering the subtle interior.

I came back with the following three concepts - 
Concept 1 - The Balanced Bloom
An abstract silhouette of African continent coupled with a geometrical shapes building a connection to an organized, structured approach. Warm, floral palette suggests growth and blooming, while supported by a confident blue framework.
Concept 2 - Savannah Sunrise
The upper portion is a flow with its softness of colours alluding to a calm approach. The bottom part showcases a pattern resembling a traditional motif which evolves from a more geometric all the way down to more creative, interpretive strokes towards the middle. A faint sunrise feeling carries through.
Concept 3 - Freedom Bird
Simple and clean juxtaposition of a traditional pattern with an illustration of Bird of Paradise flower. The theme is moving forward for a sustainable growth, supported by a modern aesthetic. The few grey elements accentuate the energy of the warm hues.