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What is a man? Chapter from the Nenuphar Book

This is a series of illustrations from the Nenuphar Book. This chapter presents an attempt of fairy-tale creatures (who don't believe in people) to understand what is a man, based of testimonials of people themselves (quotes by famous people on the nature of man). The resulting impression is rather perplexing:)

Original illustrations + translation:
"Man is the measure of all things."
"Man is a two-legged creature without feathers, with flat fingernails."
"Man is a mortal god." 
Hermes Trismegist
"A man, like the moon, has a dark side, that he doesn't  show to anyone."
Mark Twain
"Man is an animal, capable if producing tools." 
Benjamin Franklin
"Every man and every woman is a star." 
Aleister Crowley
"Man is just a weed, te weakest of natyre's creatures. But he is a weed capable of thought (...)"
Blaise Pascal
"A man can turn into an archangel, a fool, a criminal - and nobody will even notice. But, let's say, there's no button on his clothes - and everybody will notice that. What a stupid world." 
"A man does what he can: one can make a revolution, another - a whistle. Maybe a whistle is the only thing I am capable of, so what? does that make me a pice of shit?"
Strugatsky brothers
"Man is not an angel and not an animal, and his misfortune is such that the more he strives to be like an angel, the more he turns into an animal." 
Blaise Pascal
"Man is an animal capable of smiling." 
What is a man? Chapter from the Nenuphar Book

What is a man? Chapter from the Nenuphar Book

series of book illustrations illustrating an attempt of fairy-tale creatures, who don't believe in people, to understand what is a man, based on Read More