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    Installations made from recycled glass from bottles, build on different locations.
Installations in situ, "towers"
glass and rubber bands in space
After a journey through architecture, set-design and plastic art, I have discovered the world of glass. An interesting material that permits me to enrich my imagery. Its sculptural and architectural qualities fascinate me. The combination of recycled glass with other materials generates a mysterious conversation. I use cut-up glass pieces from bottles and reassemble them with rubber bands. The rubber doesn’t last long compared to the glass. No glue or heating is used, just energy from the temporary tension. I then align these new glass elements in a certain space. The floor and the ceiling work together to hold the piece, a complete installation. The light through the glass plays a fascinating game with these two contrasting elements, rubber and glass.
Installation in situ ("tower 1")
for "Diafaan V" in Gent, 2011
section from "tower 1"
Installation in situ ("tower 1")
for "Diafaan V" in Gent, 2011
Installation in situ ("tower 2")
for OFF-Track in Gent,  De Witte Moor, 2012
Looking through "tower 2" from second floor, installation is sticking through the ceiling.
view on second floor with spy cam.
Installation in situ ("tower 3")
for IKA Mechelen, 2012