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    working in exhibition.
Over the last three years I have been working with an experimental technique that I have developed myself, it consists of collecting paint with a thin stick and the letting the paint drip. This works very well with paints that flows like honey, such acrylic paints,   I guide the fluid without touching the surface.
It is an exercise of connection between the free mind and my hand. It is a challenge to capture, in an instant, a picture. You have to draw fast and therefore the concept of the image you want to create needs to be clear and simple.
From this many lines appear. Different densities, images, characters spontaneity arise as I move through the canvas. Also sometimes the mistakes enriches the image and other times they are just left aside.
It is a game of trust between the mind and hand that makes me connect with a part of my mind that I am still to discover
Gracias!   Thanks for visiting  my porfolio