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    Projecto fotográfico. Maio 2012 Photography project. May 2012
Directo, Completo, Reflectido

Fisiologia do Gosto, Brillat-Savarin

Directo Completo Reflectido


Complete sensation is that composed of the first impression which is created when the food abandons this first position, passes into the back of the mouth, and impresses all the organ with both taste and perfume
Reflected sensation is the judgment which conveys to the soul the impressions transmitted to it by the organ.»

The Physiology of taste, Brillat-Savarin

Eating is a pleasure. A fuel for body and soul. Eating catalyzes reactions, sensations and impressions which, being united to the moment, craves themselves in a unique way in our memory. The pleasure of who eats doesn't depends of any others pleasures nor of their absence. Sometimes it compensates them. Eating is universal and particular. Simple and complex.

Directo, Completo, Reflectido registers the manifestation of the pleasure of eating in the twelve faces, confronting at the same time their similarities and differences. A dialogue is created between the subtlety and histrionics, between the impulse and reflexion, between the before, during and the after moment.
It was eaten a bola de berlim, grilled salmon with rice and corn, two distinct chocolate cakes from to distinctive places, a homemade vegetable tortilla, an ice cream from a well-known ice cream shop, a chocolate croissant in an authentic croissanterie in the suburbs of Sintra, a toast of homemade corn bread with heather honey, a cupcake, a prego no pão,  a coffee pastry and bread with butter. Everything different, the same experience.