Building the platform for "Transamazônica" demanded a huge amount of work. Me, in partnership with Rubens Fernando Alencar, Pilker and Thiago Almeida, supervised by Kleber Bonjoan and Thea Severino, built a website that became one of our flagships on feature and special projects presentation.

With dynamic content and responsive layout, "Transamazônica" was the first of a series of projects built on this platform —later called "Homero".

My team's job was to build it with HTML5, CSS and Javascript, while making it reusable, modular and easy to duplicate. Also, we had to work together with FSP IT team to create an environment where the journalists could edit the text without needing to access the source codes.

The photographic work of awarded Lalo de Almeida and journalism of Fabiano Maisonnave was presented with all it's importance in this amazing platform.