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    Idea for Tundra electronic music festival, which developed in god and goddess visualizations.
Tundra Festival 2012
Electronic music gods
Tundra is a music festival with four large stages, where different music styles are played. Music affects brain common to religion – it gives joy, people fight (at least verbally) for their beloved styles, there are certain trends amongst the listeners of the specific style, even some rituals.
The idea was to represent the festival through its four different stages, creating four gods. Each of them represented its own stage, its music and even the culture, trends and life values of the listeners of certain music style.

The four stages were: Bass, Techno, Chill out and Psy trance. Each of them got not only the god, but also the symbol: hammer, saw, lotus flower and the mystical third eye.

Agency: Mccann Erickson 
Creative director: Jonas Valatkevicius 
Art director: Ernesta Vala 
Copywriter: Audrius Puidokas

Photography: Inga Juodyte 
Stylist: Milda Metlovaite 
Hair stylist: Mantas (Ispans) 
Make up: Daria Eden Post 
production and Montage: Ernesta Vala and Karolis Zukas