HeartBit is a healthcare design innovation, a patented technology developed by a team of PhD member professionals in Europe, with a focus on mechanical engineering, IT and healthcare. Our design team
was commissioned to design the hardware and interface for their technology which is market ready
and fulfills consumer needs. The technology was first showcased on the CES in 2017.

Preventing Heart Diseases

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States and in the western countries. Cardiovascular diseases claim more lives than cancer. Nearly 614,000 Americans die each year from
heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases, accounting for one in every three deaths.
One might think that this only affects the elderly, but  cardiovascular diseases also impacting people doing regular or intensive exercise. Research estimates range from 0.5 to 2 deaths per 100,000 marathon runners
in a given race. In 2015 nearly 18 million people finished long distance running events in the United States.
Luckily a lot more people are benefiting from an active life with intensive exercise, but that also means that
even more people could be affected by heart problems.

The Solution by HeartBit

The HeartBit indicates the health level of users’ heart muscle by real-time monitoring, recording and analyzing ECG signals – in order to avoid over stress and undesired heart diseases during exercise. 
It is a 3-electrode ECG system integrated into a wearable gadget and a compact measurement device to
provide laboratory-like heart muscle analysis.
Custom-developed algorithm detects and provides warning about the stress level of the user’s heart during rest, stress, and recovery states. Real time data assessment detects potential anomalies during activity.


HeartBit’s design is clean and sleek, comfortable to wear and combines the professional technology with 
ergonomic forms. Minimalist design ensures the reliability and safety for the user.

The device is attached to a flexible chest strap with 3 rubber electrodes on its inside.

The head unit is placed in front of the chest. The device is so sleek, it can be worn under tight technical
clothing almost invisibly. While using HeartBit, the circular OLED screen shows the most important
real-time heart functions of the device.



The HeartBit has a 1.22” OLED touch screen that displays real time information about the most important measurements. In case of emergency the HeartBit warns the user to stop activity and starts an emergency
call if needed.


The HeartBit connects to an application with Bluetooth that works closely together with the device.
The app stores all of the measurement history and gives a deeper insight to the analytics.
It allows users to get help from professionals when needed and start emergency calls if a serious
problem is detected.

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