at Tecnologico de Monterrey
This is a school project I did with other 6 students. I was leading and creating the workflow. Also I had to Research, Assembly the scenes, animate cameras, some modeling and a little comp. 

The final video misses a few scenes, but I will post it soon.
This Rocks were some render tests, and look development.
For this shot, all the assembling, cloud volumetrics, lighting, rendering and comp were done by me.
This rough modeling were done by me. to have a better idea of the universe. at the end the lirin model was used after to sculpt some detail in zbrush and create the statues.
Stones and detail modeling of the lirin model done by Adriana Zamora
For this Shot, I did the Layout/Assembly of the scene. and the Lighting and Shading. Later I wil post the final comp.