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    I’ve made fourteen posters about districts of Budapest, so you can see this city through my eyes, and hang these pictures on your wall.

districts of budapest
poster series

The 23 Budapest districts (kerület in Hungarian) are numbered clockwise, in widening circles like Paris’ arrondissements.
They are marked with Roman numerals (I-XXIII).
Downtown Budapest districts have lower numbers (I., II.), while suburban districts have higher ones (XXI., XXII.).
The central districts (V., VI., VII) in Pest offer a wide array of sights, landmarks, museums, shops, as well as places to eat and entertain.

District I. – Castle District

District II.

District III. – Óbuda-Békásmegyer

District IV. – Újpest (New Pest)

District V. – Belváros-Lipótváros (Inner City-Leopold Town)

​​​​​​​District VI. – Terézváros (Theresa Town)

District VII. – Erzsébetváros (Elizabeth Town)

District VIII. – Józsefváros (Joseph Town)

District XI. – Ferencváros (Francis Town)

District X. – Kőbánya (Quarry)

District XI. – Újbuda (New Buda)

District XII. – Hegyvidék (Highlands)

District XIII.

District XIV. – Zugló


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