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    Interior of the Oriental Oko Spa massage boutique
Oriental Oko Spa

Type/Project: Spa
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Area: 200 Sq m
Client: Аlena, a businesswoman. Has been traveling over half of her life. Fond of the Eastern culture.
Objective: Interior of the Oriental Oko Spa massage boutique
Year: 2016
The space is rented, that's why we have not arranged apocalyptic replanning. Our client Alena felt "how it should be", but in fragments. We had to form from her preferences and needs the holistic picture. The interior is on the basis of the warm color palette, wood and natural fabrics. We did not reinvent the wheel in the decoration of the walls and chose a simple decorative plaster. A special place in the interior is for things: antiquedoors, lamps, crockery, figurines. They are the subject of pride, because the owner has gathered them in different corners of the globe. At 200 sq.m. we combined Mexico, Bali, Thailand, and India. The spa is designed for the small number of visitors. There is a big space for three, a smaller one for two and four personalized massage rooms. 
In Thailand (the place we took inspiration from) residents have the cult of guests. So everyone crossing the threshold of the spa becomes the king. The interior design had to to pick up this idea. Using the balance of lines, materials and textures we filled the space with a Zen mood. The inner feeling – you are relaxing on an exotic island while the Thai people are massaging you. 

Harmony in the details. From decorative wooden blocks on the wall and flower pots in the form of coconuts to up-braided chairs in a soft milky color. The relax area with a hammock is the place where waiting for a massage becomes a pleasure. Ethno-tiles on the wall are the legacy from the previous interior. Too distinctive to be destroyed.
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