LOT — I Wish You a LOT

We had the pleasure to create a Christmas campaign for LOT – Polish Airlines – a simple campaign full of kindness.
We believe that during this special time of year, we all simply need to be nicer to each other. From that belief, we came up with an idea to help spread Christmas season cheer among international airline passengers as they travelled to spend the holidays with their loved ones.
During flights on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner “Charlie,” which flies to China, South Korea, Canada and the US, all passengers and crew members were given a chance to write their special wishes on the holiday cards that we designed. These were left on the seats so passengers from the next flight would read and enjoy the sentiments. On flights along other routes, passengers received printed cards expressing the personalized good wishes of crew members. 
Client: PLL LOT
AgencySYZYGY Warsaw

Creative Director: Wojtek Łebski
Copywriter: Anna Jędryka
Art Director: Arkadiusz Bączyk
Designers: Mateusz Karasiński, Jakub Konieczka, Julia Rumianowska, Mariusz Flisiński
Account Managers: Iga Zinkiewicz, Anna Kordus

LOT — I Wish You a LOT