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Air Canada Altitude Community


Built a platform for the frequent high fliers of Air Canada to share travel insights, recommendations and earn loyalty prizes.

Final Result
A successful debut with 70% of the beta testers signing up for the community within 48 hours of launch. It is now part of Air Canada’s evolving loyalty programs.​​​​​​​

After 3-4 months, we noticed a decrease (based from the data) of our members at making lists and recommendations. Taking that into consideration,  we revised the entire step-by-step process at making lists by introducing a side-by-side process with a cartographic map.

Year: 2015
Agency: Spafax Interactive
Role: Design Lead
Credits: Jean-François Légaré, Charles Lim, Arjun Basu, Ilana Weitzman, Andrew Jeglum, Long Nguyen, Mélisa Discepola, Christopher Waldau, Hope Little, Adrian Mellognio
More work on
It was a project of such a large scale because we had to built something out of a pitch concept from scratch. On this platform, you would be able to make a list, browse recommendations, follow members, earn badges and a lot more. Through a lot planning, prototyping and user testing; our beta version went live after a year in the making.

Altitude Community Tour
After the release of the BETA version, we needed an attractive landing page to drive the users to the Community by sharing its features from travel recommendations, connect with other members, make lists and more. We worked in collaboration with the editorial team to create a short but clear digitalize experience of Altitude Community ending with a simple Sign Up and even a Sneak Peak to the site.
Make a List
One of the main purposes of this platform was allowing users to make lists. Through several steps, they would make recommendations about food, hotels, shops, restaurants and more. We started off the process with few rough sketches to actually building a live prototype.  

It was a great learning experience because we got to learn about our users and their behaviours. About 3-4 months after the launch, we analyzed the data and we were able to design an entire new flow to make a list.
More Pages
For this project, we had a lot more than just designing the landing page. We’ve spent quite a good amount of time on the homepage where you have your navigation, main features, search for food, destinations or even members. I’ve included the destinations page, a user profile and the homepage of the Altitude Report which is an online publication for the Altitude Community.
AC Homepage
AC Destinations Page
AC Profile Page
Altitude Report Homepage
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Air Canada Altitude Community

Air Canada Altitude Community

Built a platform for the frequent high fliers of Air Canada to share travel insights, recommendations and earn loyalty prizes.