Emerson JR Antique Fan Repair Project - By Edmund Henke
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    Showing my repaired Emerson Jr. antique oscillating fan
Edmund Henke's Antique Fan
I damaged it, so it became a project!
I never thought I would ever have to rewind a motor but the cost that people charge to do it just doesn't fit my wallet! So... How did I overcome this problem... My father! My dad has been in the motor business since college and I knew he could help me, so off to the phone I went to call him.
What happened is that I was repairing the fan and I was taking out the motor winding and it wasn't moving easily. So I grab a flat bladed screwdriver to assist me and I slipped, cutting half the wires in to shorter pieces. Needless to say, I won't be doing that again!
Well here you can see the damage that I did to the stator winding. I was lucky that I did not damage the the laminations along with the wires.
Here's a little closer view
Well this is what I came up with while I was on the phone with my father.
And this. 194.79 feet of wire... boy I was in for a long night!
Well here I go. Wishing for the best since this was the first time ever doing something of this nature.
Well here it is all put back together! It works great and looks like I just purchased it. Thank you dad, I would never have got this far without your help!!!