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    This is a concept of an interactive board for the Belgian public transport company "De Lijn"
De Lijn
Interactive board
In Flanders, Belgium busses and trams are operated by "De Lijn". They handle all public transport in Flanders apart from trains and I use it quite often to get around. For the most part the system works quite well but I do have one pet-peeve with the info boards that are available in stops.

They give you the basic information such as main stops, all lines that pass and at what time they arrive. However, more than once I have found myself at a stop right at the time the bus is supposed to arrive and not knowing whether it has already passed or whether it has yet to arrive. Furthermore, God forbid you don't know exactly where you need to be as the info boards usually only include the main stops, not all of them.

This "Interactive board" concept would change all that in a usable and clear manner and it is something I would love to see in the real world. (Although I don't believe it is ever going to happen)
In this overview you see the 2 main views of the interactive board concept. The first 2 are the line detail views. They give you the timetable and stop information about a single line. The second view shows you all the incoming lines.

More on these down below.
Incoming lines
Here you see the interaction between the main screen and the expanded "incoming" view. The idea is that you always know what line is to arrive first at the stop while also having the ability to view all the incoming lines.
Extra stop info
As I said in the introduction, the info boards do not give you all the stops a line is going to pass as it only touches the main stops. I fixed this by adding an interactive element to the main stops visualisation so you can expand the line between 2 main stops to see all the stops in between.
Full interaction demo
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