21th, traditional international climbing 

Golem Korab (macedonian) or Maja e Korabit (albanian) both refer to the same, 2764m/9068f high mountain right on the border between Albania and Macedonia. It is a highest mountain for both countries, one of two summits in Europe being national highpoint for more then one country, and 12th highest national point in Europe. Name "Korab" is of Slav origin, it was considered to be a God of sea by various Slavic tribes, before they have switched to christianity. Korab may be considered an off the beaten track mountain resort, at least by the European standards.
Location: Mt. Korab ispanning in a slightly NE to SW orientation, from Golema Korabska vrata pass (2062m) on the nordern end, to the Mali e Grames, just after the Ciganski premin pass on the southern end.

Honoring September 8, the Independence Day of the Republic of Macedonia, the Mountain Climbing Club KORAB from Skopje, had the pleasure to organize the 21th, traditional international climbing GOLEM KORAB. The event took place on September 9, 2012 (Sunday).

About 2000 climbers climbed the highest peak in Macedonia.Participated not only climbers in the country, but also in the region.