Conceptual Illustrations
Conceptual Illustrations
Some samples of editorial illustrations and paintings
This is a collection of illustrations in various media that have executed in the past 15 years. Most were commissioned for print in periodicals and some were done just for self promotion .
"Fighting Book Heads" Based on the intense divide and ridiculousness between individual's devotion to intellectual philosophies.
"The Best Of The Best"Commissioned by Chicago Tribune's "City Link" magazine for a Best Local Person's Award in the "Best of South Florida issue"
"Dining with Death"Done for a report on the dangers of online matchmaker services that take a no-fault responsibility of the outcome of the date.
"The Air & Sea Show Lifeguard"Commissioned by the Chicago Tribune's City Link Magazine cover for a story on the perils of a lifeguard during the annual Air & Sea Show on Fort Lauderdale beaches.
"The Unknown Accordion Entertainer"For an article about the amateurs' hobbies and crafts kept under wraps by the fear of public humiliation.
"Bio Clothes"Commissioned for a story on the high-fasion clothing lines made from 100% organc plant-based fibers.
"The Yellow Brick Road To A Vending Machine Empire"Commissioned by Money Magazine for an enlightening story on the entrepreneurial challenges and rewards of investing in a vending machine biz-op.
"Waiting to Exhale"Article written on a study about how the particular scent of one's breath could make or break a monumental business deal.
"God's Green Room"City Link cover story about the overwhelming influx of retirees and their social activities that are influencing conventional culture in the state of Florida.
"Hey Sad Clown"
For an article about the behind the scene true lives of stand-up comedians.
"Super Bowel"
For a tung & cheek article which postulates that even super heroes need to take a break now and then.
For the cover of New Times Miami (Voice Media Group): The possibility that the killer of Adam Walsh had been Apprehended almost two decades after the crime was committed.
"Local Rockstar"
Cover Illustration for City Link (Chicago Tribune Publications) Exposé on a local homeless man suddenly come Rock Star whose eccentricities made for very entertaining reading.

"Glory Daze"
Short reportage about an octogenarian's life stories, love and loss in the final weeks before his passing.

"Everythings Getting Dark, Doc"
What if someone as outspoken and stoic as Bugs Bunny would have been conceived during the Middle Ages?

"Losing The Pigskin"
Article about the expenditures and losses plaguing the Tamp Bay Buccaneers.

"The Man Who Fell On Florida"
Chicago Tribune's (City Link Magazine) cover story 
about Steve Trotter's highly publicized, crazy stunt of bun-jee jumping off the Tampa Bay Skyway Bridge attached to 5 other people. Some of which sustained serious injuries and were in protest of his next upcoming media stunt.
"Pick a Pill - Any Pill"
City Link cover story about Florida pill-mills resorting to telemarketing to sell more prescriptions through outsourced call centers.
Conceptual Illustrations

Conceptual Illustrations

Collection of commissioned and non-commisioned editorial illustrations for various publications for the last 15+ years.