Art in Mind Exhibition Preview.
Quick preview of my upcoming collaboration exhibition.
These images are a quick preview of a larger series of images i will be displaying in the upcoming collaboration exhibition "Art in Mind" at the Brick Lane Gallery in London. To see the full set you will have to come along to the exhibition (more info at the bottom of the page). These images were all taken along England's south coast in a region called the Jurassic Coast famous for its stony beaches, white cliffs and fossils. These images were all shot on digital before being turned black and white in Photoshop.
The exhibition starts on the 8th of October until the 22nd of October links to the Brick Lane Gallery can be found at the bottom of the page.
I hope you like the preview for my upcoming exhibition "Art in Mind" hosted the Brick Lane Gallery in London. Don't forget to comment, follow and appreciate it really does help and if you can make it down to the gallery that would be awesome.

link to the Brick Lane Gallery: