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The Glic

The Glic
Concept Identity

The concept of The Glic is a creative bass community. It is a transparent vintage point into the bass culture that all bass lovers share and have created together. This culture doesn’t have a genre. It doesn’t have a specific name, but its origins began with a global network of like-minded people who love to share their passions for music, parties and art. This community makes electronic music from al genres with people from all kinds of cultures, all over the world. All these different genres have one thing in common, the heavy bass lines and the glitchy sounds.The Glic is not only about music, it’s a way of living. The GLIC community represents a strong friendship who arranges events and also performs at the parties. The solid bond between the friends comes back in the two rings colliding which forms a powerful figure together.

The dark colours in the designs represent the bass music underground. The bright colours and abstract shapes express the heavy and energetic sounds. The glitch effects in the music reappear in all the designs.

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The Glic