Ukrainian ministries identity
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    The symbolic identity for the Cabinet or Ministers of Ukraine, the highest body of state executive power in Ukraine, and for the Ukrainian minist… Read More
    The symbolic identity for the Cabinet or Ministers of Ukraine, the highest body of state executive power in Ukraine, and for the Ukrainian ministries. Read Less
The symbolic identity for the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the highest body of state executive power in Ukraine.
Every project starts with some idea. Every idea starts with some problem.

Recently I needed to use something to show that the project was provided by Ministry of Education and Science. And I couldn't use text.

Then I made some research and figured out there are so many ugly symbols, all of them are in usage, and nobody wants to use any of them.
As a result, I set the goal to make emblems for all permanent ministries.

First of all, I chose a form that refers to the letter "U" for Ukraine.

Then I wrote down the main principles:
- it has to be simple so anyone could draw it;
- it should consist of basic shapes for further implementation;
- all final peaces must be on the same level of complexity.

And then I sketched each of 20 symbols, 3 by 4 cm, in several variations. It took two chaotic weeks so I decided to show here only one simple picture with two almost polished examples, aka genius:)
Then 2 days of passionate relations (probably, hookups) with a custom grid (24x32 cells).
After all, I came out with pretty decent variants. And decided to review my notes... Of course, I forgot about the third item of my list. A quarter of all symbols was much more complex than the rest.

So, I had to clean my mess up.
Finally, I came out with quite consistent results.
It's simple. The shape of the table of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (not today, Satan) and an additional stroke for the Ukrainian flag.
As you can see, it refers to the star they use for the police service.
Shush here, let them do their work.
A money pile and dimes. And a horseshoe for good luck if you want to see it just as I see. 
Cereals, as primary resources, and a gear.
The Carpathian Mountains and the Dnieper River that starts with a drop you can save today for your tomorrow. 
Buildings, buildings, buildings. What else we need?
I made an accent on education with my sincere hope that it will be fixed further, all over the world, before I die.
Olympic rings – not just a symbol of sports but also a symbol of the world unity which we should save for growing generations.
The Cossacks' cross as the national symbol of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
A bandura, Ukrainian musical instrument, and some lyrics.
Dimes and the growing linear chart for... you know.
Vyshyvanka, the element of the Ukrainian national costume and another symbol of the national unity.
A microphone as a symbol of the voice of the nation.
The road and a manhole. Or a tap... if a tap on the street doesn't bother you.
Two flags and the symbol of exchanging goods. 
The atom has 6 electrons. Just like Carbon which is coal.  
You know what it tells. So we keep moving.
A small crown for our big boss.
And don't forget about other departments.
This list can be expanded. Just wanted to show an example.
This grid shows how well those symbols work together.