Showreel 2.012

It's been almost 10 years since I started to boil in this motion media business but it still stays like some kind of hobby for me. Sure it's not the best method to go pro, but somehow I just did what I did in all these years. Anyway, at some points it becomes difficult to explain in two words — what I'm actually doing. Cause I'm kinda one man army, starting my abilities from motion design, 3d and print media to the full cycle process of promo videos which I write, direct, edit, do colour grading and all other stuff in post production. So just for explaining it shortly and with a help of some nifty tune in the background, here it goes my second big showreel wich includes most of my projects.

Music: Bixby Knolls — Through The Cracks

P.S. Some of this projects are now avaliable only in PAL, that's why I couldn't make the reel in HD. Sorry for that! ;)