Deloitte & Touche (M.E.) is the first Arab professional services firm in the Middle East.

Deloitte asked Nucco Brain to create a series of videos to help the Ministry of Finance
in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to explain VAT and Excise Taxes, which are due to be implemented in the Middle East.

The challenge was to teach the concept of VAT and Excise taxes to a business audience
unfamiliar with these system and processes. Mixing our experience of design and corporate
communication, our team produced a series of videos and infographics to support
the Deloitte team during their pitching sessions and subsequent training / education programmes
on VAT implementation.

Explaining this concept visually helped Deloitte to communicate a huge amount of complex
tax information through a simple and easy to understand narrative.  We supported the organisation
over a period of two years initially to pitch high level concepts to government infrastructures and
later create learning content.

The content created by Nucco Brain is educating many businesses in the Gulf about VAT, resulting
in an ongoing series of successful training programmes and a long-lasting collaboration with the
entire Deloitte group (more than 15 projects per year).

Client: Deloitte GCC
Studio: Nucco Brain
Producer: Stefano Marrone
Design: Leonie Despres
Animation: Nicholas Edmondson


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