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Last Night's Party
'Last night's Party'  / 昨夜派对
pencil on paper / 素描
In ‘The Party of Last Night’ I want to show a connection of the past and the present. In my experience I have spent a lot of time learning Chinese traditional art. When I was a teen, the first time I visited the National Art Museum in Beijing, I was amazed to find what a strong foundation our past gives us. It’s just like the big fabulous party of last night that we can still be proud of. ‘The party of last night’ was inspired by the painting ‘Shylon Stone’ (祥龙石图) by Song dynasty Emperor Zhaoji (1082-1153. A.D.). In the modern world, we are really refined and developed in that way, it’s our bedrock and is absolutely solid. The Rabbit is a metaphor for the Present; these days with the world’s increasing globalization and multicultrualism, it makes us superior to the past, whilst there’s always the concern about whether the future will be better or worse.
I Am From Another Planet / 我来自另一个星球

material: mixed media (Canson paper, pencil, charcoal, pen, pastel, acrylic) / 综合材料素描
size: 170*110CM (67*43inches)

Eat Me / 吃我
technique: pencil drawing / 素描
size: 26.5*38CM (10.5*15inches)

Rabbit hat / 兔子帽
technique: pencil drawing / 素描
size: 26.5*38CM (10.5*15inches)
Last Night's Party