A toy specially designed for classroom environment as an activity to teach a new language. Each round the toy asks the students to find a specific object. The toy gives a feedback for right or wrong answers. 
The app can ask for the device in multiple ways: call out its name in the unfamiliar language or solve a riddle. Activity conductor can write riddles of their own or select from a collaborative bank.

Our demo showed 2 riddles that can be answered using real objects. We used intel RealSense Object Recognition module, working with Intel Joule board and intel RealSense ZR300 Camera.
Learning a new language in classroom today. 
It can and should be a fun activity.

Here are some examples for using Scavenger Hunt game as a serious game or educational activity.
Examples of devices with similar design. A tray to place the object on and a 3D sensor to scan the object.
Intel Realsense ZR300 Camera and Intel Joule Developer Kit
We also created a parallel rewarding system. The winner gets the chance to write something on the school wall using a programmable painting robot. The winner needs to program the robot themselves in order to do so, and they get limited time for this.
An example of a happy behavior programmed into the iRobot
Niran Baruch
Yehuda Stiefel
Ram Hadar Goldschmidt
Erin Michelle

All this was created during a 24-hour MindCET Hackathon 2017 @ Yeruham, Israel