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    An unconventional sans serif Ambicase display typeface.
CO2 Display
A Doublecase Display Typeface
CO2 is the product of what was essentially an experimental project which I set myself last year and never got round to finishing. The motivation came when looking at a typeface design by Daniel McQueen called 'Native' which featured very quirky and playful letterforms and a very simple geometric construction. It was this design approach which inspired me to find a solution to my project.

Last year I studied a project by Craig Eliason (featured in 'Codex - A Journal of Typography') which was to design a single-case typeface but with very distinct upper and lower case elements in each glyph. The design itself was a based on the Modern typographic forms of Bodoni and Didot and he coined the term 'Ambicase' (both upper and lower case) and named his design 'Ambicase Modern'.

Ambicase Modern has a Didone style, so the idea behind CO2 was to apply this typographic amalgamation into a Sans Serif typeface. CO2 is an intriguing typographic compound, fusing geometric forms into a set of formulaic, display letters, that still have a degree of legibility and functionality.

For more information or comments feel free to get in touch.

The typeface will be available from: tendollarfonts.com