Visual design || Tail Hunter || Winner of GGJ Enschede
I had a great opportunity to create a fun flash game together with 5 other fellow students! 
Tail Hunter was made for Global Game Jam which was held in 2012, in Enschede. 
So what is this game about? 
In one sentence: A dog trying to catch his tail by growing longer than the diameter of the planet Earth!
But why and how? 
Easy! Eat the meat and grow longer, make a loop around the planet and you will see your own tail! He can even run faster with bones! But avoid the mushrooms because the dog will get sick :(   
Different expressions of the dog - the protagonist.
Background of the game, a compilation of dog's favorite things in the world. 
We proudly won the first prize in Enschede and had exposure in Amsterdam arranged by Dutch Game Garden!
Tail Hunterz
David Hoogenbosch - Programmer
Mark Kok - Programmer
Johaness Freimuth - Animator
Koyo Do - Concept, Art Director
Crys R. Nguyen - Graphic Design
Dennis Leussink - Sound Design