The design of the main structure was made inspired by tree trunks. The odd shape is made to look as though the building emerged itself in the free space it found between the trees, hence the curves and bumps. The path in the middle is at a slightly lower level and a sign in the middle indicates that there is a tea store to the right and the bathrooms to the left. The trees inside were made to serve at times as dividers to provide privacy and also to add to the immersive nature theme. They can be replaces with shelves of vines.
The counter was made this way to make it seem as though it had grown itself out of the roots of the trees surrounding it. Behind the counter, a glass wall shows whats going on inside the kitchen to make the experience even more trustworthy and transparent.
The walls of this section, part transparent and part opaque were designed again to make it seem very natural and unpredictable and to give the structure strength but at the same time give people inside a great view of the flora outside.
Materials used in model:

Base: Foam board, cardboard
Elevated base: Foam board, paper mache
Walls: Cardboard, OHP Sheets
Tables: Plaster of Paris, wood sticks
Sofa: Foam board, crepe paper, PoP
Logs: Paper rolls, masking tape, PoP
Chairs: Egg cartons, Polystyrene, cardboard, PoP
Hammock: Colored rope, string, thick paper