This Illustration was inspired by a famous Egyptian song written by Salah Jahin ; named “ El Leila El Kebera “ or may I say The great night in English, where the song describes an Egyptian folk celebration called “El Moled" 
However, the words of the lyrics written in the illustration are:

مسا التماسي , مسا التماسي 
يا ورد قاعد على الكراسي
Which  can be literally  translated to : Good afternoon( or greetings) , good afternoon , all roses (flowers) sitting on chairs :)
But I am not a talented translator, so a lot of meaning is “lost in translation” :) it’s an Egyptian idiom used to greet people :) so when I imagined it in reality I thought of flowers at an Egyptian cafe really enjoying them selves :D 
So again, Good afternoon everyone ! and I hope you all enjoy your time :)