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    Portfolio website for Steve Domoney Architecture, an architecture firm based in Melbourne, Australia. Developed in collaboration with Visua.
I was commissioned to develop a portfolio site for Steve Domoney Architecture by Visua, based on their vision for a highly interactive portfolio that would do the architecture firm’s incredible work justice.

Like the modernist design approach SDA is known for, the website’s sleek geometric layout hides the complexity beneath. Development of this website required extensive use of JavaScript and advanced layout techniques to facilitate the underlying grid structure. Canvas effects, the HTML5 history API and AJAX were all utilised to deliver a fluid and engaging user experience.

The final layout flexes to accommodate various screen sizes, while touch functionality was included to offer an optimal experience on tablet devices. While not designed for to be viewed on mobile devices, I developed an approach that would serve a stripped down version of the site when required.
Web development by Fine Thought and design by Visua. Completed July 2012