'Saptraranga’ is a supplement of local Marathi news paper 'Sakal Dainik' which is limited for Maharashtra state only and the subject had given to us to design whole supplement including illustrations, based on the subject  ‘Monsoon Tourism'. I researched and studied the mind set of Maharastrian people. I found mostly young generation goes out in monsoon. When I thought about my monsoon trips, I enjoyed small trips instead of long trips. I think I should call them 'Rainy Picnics'. It would be more appropriate. I love these picnics which are the part of every youngster's life. All my rainy picnics inspire me to write a story for this article.
     I narrated a story which is all about the enjoyment, mischief of six friends who abruptly arranged a picnic and started their bikes. They did not decide the place, still they were moving forward, enjoying the fragrance of wet soil, singing in rain and splashing water. On the way  they saw a huge old banyan tree. After playing with aerial roots of banyan tree they went to a village. They had an unusual experience of having a cup of tea in a tiled house with a song playing on the radio station 'Vivid Bharati'. They saw  these people treat guests like god. There is an old saying in Sanskrit 'Atithi Devo Bhava'. It means, guest is as same as god for us. They got amazed by their selflessness and bonding between them. These people with big heart may not be rich, but they never hesitate to greet their guest with proper manner. They always seek happiness in every little thing rather blaming their destiny. In that village they visited a holly place which was a temple of ‘Lord Krishna'. There they found real peace. They heard an enchanting melody of flute but they did not recognize was it real or just their hallucination.    
    At the end of the day they realized the difference between rural life and urban life. They understood happiness is not depended on richness only, it is depended on the richness of your heart. You can find happiness in any small thing. Then even that small thing becomes precious for you. Nowadays people are stuck in social networking sites like Facebook and Tweeter. It has become a trend to make friends by these sites. People are losing the importance of meeting their loved ones face to face. They are very addicted to this artificial communication that they have made boundaries in their relations. Their conversation is limited for Facebook and Tweeter only. But now these guys have realized the importance of face to face meeting, real communication and greeting people by heart. Through this story I tried to give a social message that always try to find happiness in every little thing and Facebook- Tweeter are the alternative mediums to meet your loved ones. So do not make it the only way to meet them. Face to face meeting gives personal touch to your relation which creates heart to heart bonding.

   Rough Work
some of color variations
Title practice 
Final  Illustrations
Old Banyan Tree
Under The Roof
Krishna lila
Mile Stone
Supplement Design
Calender (3D)
   Book Jacket Design
CD Cover Design

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