AIGA Portland Design Week: Graffiti Type Showcase
AIGA Portland Design Week: Graffiti Type Showcase
I was one of 26 artists AIGA had asked to design original art for a Graffiti Type Showcase. Inspired by the innovation and energy of graffiti, AIGA encouraged us to reinterpret and redefine our chosen letterform. Final size of the art would be 11×17 and we were free to use any medium we wished.

AIGA will be displaying all 26 pieces of art in a final show on October 10th at Ziba Design in Portland, Oregon. 

The Portland chapter will be bringing the Oregon premier of a documentary short titled, Graffiti Fine Art. About 65 Graffiti artists from 13 countries descend upon São Paulo, Brazil for the “Graffiti Fine Art” Exhibition at the MuBE Museum. There will be engagement via a Q&A with the filmmaker and a panel on the topic of graffiti as fine art with local representatives from the art community, urban art and designers who are inspired by such.