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    New Jersey-based hardcore/punk outfit with members of Lifetime, Bigwig, Ensign, Plan A Project, and Worthless United.
"It is in fact necessary to eliminate all remnants of the notion of personal property in this area. The appearance of new necessities outmodes previous “inspired” works. They become obstacles, dangerous habits. The point is not whether we like them or not. We have to go beyond them." - Guy Debrod
"Screaming Response" (Chunksaah Records)
A short, fast, loud approach to songwriting, politically pointed lyrics, and an abrasive delivery, Detournement’s debut release, “Screaming Response”, is a furious and scalding critique of a collapsing economic system, a battle-cry to define and organize the struggle, and a hardcore-punk record that sound as if the genre was being discovered for the first time. Printed and case-wrapped sandpaper jacket, colored vinyl, and 12 page booklet.
"Awaken with Millions from One Heart" (Pirates Press Records)

Commemorating the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China, Detournement's second release, "Awaken with Millions from One Heart", is a collection of love-letters to the proletariat, anti-capitalist pillow-talk, and pop-punk songs for class warfare.

Produced by Bouncing Souls guitarist, Pete Steinkopf, "Awaken with Millions from One Heart" follows a similar approach to Detournement's debut, "Screaming Response", which was accused of making "good on the promise their pedigree commands" by Alternative Press, charged as being "classic hardcore punk!" by Jersey Beat, and convicted as "a violently political album" by Heathen Harvest.


Each band does one acoustic original and one electric cover song.
"The Future Is Unwritten" Molotov Flexi (Pirates Press Records)
Known as much for their over the top packaging and design as they are for their scathing criticisms of capitalism, New Jersey's DETOURNEMENT, once again combine these two seemingly disparate elements to create a truly unique release!

What began as merely another Clash cover song for another Clash cover tribute compilation, Detournement's take on "Know Your Rights" took on a different sense of urgency as demonstrations began to break out in Wisconsin and Ohio and as revolutions occurred in Tunisia and Egypt. Inspired by these events, the Molotov Cocktail Flexi was born.

Housed in a custom-labeled glass bottle and hand-wrapped in a 14" x 14" screen-printed fuse, "Know Your Rights" is the featured track on this triple printed rolled flexi, and includes access to a digital download of the song.