Bang-Bang Trash Videogame

Bang-Bang Trash is a 2D towerdefense game, the objective is to destroy your enemy's castle by attacking with rats and by throwing objects at your enemy's tower.
Killing enemies gives you points which you trade for new units. Tossing trash objects requires points as well.
You get points by hitting enemies with trash points or by destroying your enemy's idle trash objects.
The game was thought to be played against a human player from the very beginning via Online.
This is a Tower Defense Game, Martin Plascencia was in charge of the rats scripting and implementation, menus, buttons and GUIS. I was in the programming department along with Gerardo Plauchu.

Gerardo Plauchu was in charge of network object synching, object pick-up/drop/throw behaviour, catapult behaviour, camera behaviour.
As well as the Game Design primary idea along with Fidel Hau.

Original Music by Erick Daniel Virgen.

2D art by Mitzi Martinez, Tanya Monteon, Ana Cuevas and Elizabeth Real.
Art director and Project manager: Fidel Hau
The two main avatars of the game, Timoteo and Margarito.
The Lady.
The Rats.